Rebrand Review – The Royal Albert Hall

We’ve decided to produce a monthly analysis or opinion on a recent rebranding project. We’re interested in how it compares with the old brand and offer an opinion on whether it is an improvement. We are equally interested in its relevance to the company in today’s ever changing world!

For this month, we decided to look at The Royal Albert Hall.


The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall on the edge of South Kensington, in London. It was opened in 1871 by Queen Victoria and was a tribute to the Queen’s deceased husband, Prince Albert. The Hall is best known for holding ‘The Proms’ concerts every summer, (since 1941). The venue also hosts over 350 other events every year; including rock & pop concerts, ballet, opera, award ceremonies, sporting events, school & community or charity events. Our interest in this iconic venue was sparked following a concert we recently attended for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The Hall is a registered charity, held in trust for the nation and receives no public or government funding.

1t has been years since the last rebrand. The latest, newest Albert Hall identity was released in February this year (2015). It was designed by London based agency, ‘BrandPie’.


As you can see, the new logo retains the iconic building in a form but now has some vibrant layered elements, which lends itself to more flexibility within the design.

According to ‘BrandPie’, they conducted interviews with various people and established an important factor to be incorporated into the design. This factor was that the Hall doors should remain open during the day to appear more welcoming and accessible.

This is conveyed within the new identity and is a nice touch. Had the identity been designed without the open door – it may not have had the same impact and may not have been as recognisable as the Albert Hall.

As well as the vibrant oranges and reds used for the main identity, various other designs have been released with other colours and outlines of this icon. These look great in printed forms, using foil blocks and embossing.


The venue hosts many diverse events ranging from ‘The Proms’ to ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’ – appealing to all sorts of people from different demographics. An identity that can be used to reach and attract such a wide variety of people is perfect and the new Royal Albert Hall branding gets pretty close!

Naturally, some of you may prefer the old logo – it is more traditional and in keeping with the history of the venue – particularly the gold and deep red colours used, which match the interior of the venue.


However, with all the various forms of media these days, identities need to adapt and move with the times so that they can fit in well across all forms of media and allow the brand to stand out from the crowd.

Whilst we liked the traditional feel of the old brand at Eley Designs, we feel that this new version has lots of potential for some exciting creative work to come from the Hall in the future – we look forward to seeing it! Well done Albert Hall and Brandpie team!